List of search engine submission sites as following in order to get web rank. # Directory Name Date-added PR Type Report 1 123 people 12/27/2012 4 Free report 2 Zapmeta 12/27/2012 5 Free report 3 Zanran 12/27/2012 6 Free report 4 Zakta 12/27/2012 3 Free report 5 YouTube 12/27/2012 9 Free report 6 Yometa 12/27/2012 […]


Our longstanding impression of 20 to 30 years of “life detainment” has been forcefully addressed by the Chief Justice of Bangladesh in late time. The most recent judgment of the Appellate Division (AD) in Ataur Mridha v State (Criminal Appeal No. 15-16/2010, settled on 14 February 2017) marks the official union of his Lordship’s perspectives. His contentions […]


Awami League will re -elect Prime Minister Sheik Hasina on Sunday trusted the comprehensive group of Bangladesh will re-pick Awami League in the going with a general race to keep up the soundness of progress. ‘In the going with race, I trust the comprehensive group who are before long getting the advantages of progress will […]