BNP ask EC not to Use EVMs in next poll on Monday showed a letter to the Choice Commission (EC) requesting that it not use Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in parliamentary races.

A three-region BNP assignment, driven by its standing get-together part Nazrul Islam Khan, went to the Race Commission toward the night, and given over the letter to Director Choice Judge KM Nurul Huda.

Two noteworthy individuals from the course of action are the party senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi and BNP Boss’ promoter Sujauddin Ahmed.

Chatting with writers after around a hour long meeting with the CEC, Nazrul passed on, “We’ve told the CEC that we needn’t issue with EVMs to be used (in the national race).”

Demonstrating that unmistakable countries over the world are surrendering EVM, the BNP pioneer said their get-together thinks the move to present it in Bangladesh is a mixed one. “There might have any mischievous thought behind the move. There’s besides fear of robotized mechanical get-together of votes if the EVM is used.”

Nazrul Islam said the CEC revealed to them that as EVM is another structure they will take decision about its utilization after essential examination and talked. “The Commission said they won’t use the EVMs in case anyone limits it. Beginning in the no so removed past, what we’ve understood that there’s no likelihood of using EVM in the running with race.”

The BNP standing driving party of trustees part said the EC has the degree to alter the Outline of the Far reaching society Compose (RPO) for driving a sensible and brilliant choice.

He said the CEC appeared to them that the Commission will print a book on the proposed good ‘ol fashioned changes and hence send it to all partners, including political gatherings, seeking after down their suppositions.

Nazrul moreover said their gathering will join the trade with EC on the recuperation of the relegated law. “We have to join the choice moreover talks. That is the reason we require a delightful air.”

Earlier on May 11, CEC KM Nurul Huda said the EVM will be used as a touch of the running with parliamentary configurations if all the political gatherings in light of current conditions review that it. “In case it’s undeniable constantly, we’ll consider the usage of the machines,” he said.

Some place in the level of 3 lakh machines will be required for holding the choice become totally concerning EVMs, the CEC said.

The Choice Commission driven by Dr ATM Shamsul Huda first used EVMs on pilot start in few assessing stations in Chittagong City Intrigue collects held in 2010. A while later, the electronic machines were used as a touch of different neighboring body choices.

In January, 2011, Comilla City Association Choice was held absolutely in light of the EVMs.

In 2012, the Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad-drove Commission picked not to use EVMs in choices thusly of strong controls by different political get-togethers, including BNP.