Our longstanding impression of 20 to 30 years of “life detainment” has been forcefully addressed by the Chief Justice of Bangladesh in late time. The most recent judgment of the Appellate Division (AD) in Ataur Mridha v State (Criminal Appeal No. 15-16/2010, settled on 14 February 2017) marks the official union of his Lordship’s perspectives. His contentions […]

tripple talaq

SC reserves Constitutional Validity verdict on Tripple Talaq as the Unavoidable Court on Thursday held its decision on a party of petitions testing blessed legitimacy of the show of triple talaq withdraw among Muslims. A five-judge Constitution engineer headed by Administrator Respect J.S. Khehar heard the issue for six days amidst which particular social gatherings […]

high court

High Court Declares Mobile Court Illegal on Thursday explained the adaptable court made by ace judges unlawful and authoritative to the Constitution. A two-divide HC compose containing Respect M Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Respect Ashish Ranjan Das passed the request after the continue going hearing on three writ petitions. The court revealed zone 5, which […]

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ContentsThe Spanish Law On Mediation: The bit of the pro, the methodology of intercession and the execution of intervention understandingsIntroductionSubjective enabling necessitiesOther associating with necessitiesObligation of center individualsLion’s share of center individualsMixing intercession establishmentsIII.       The procedure of interventionA mediation strategy can be started:Systems amidst the mediation sessionsAmidst the illuminating session the expert is to provoke […]