Awami League will re -elect Prime Minister Sheik Hasina on Sunday trusted the comprehensive group of Bangladesh will re-pick Awami League in the going with a general race to keep up the soundness of progress. ‘In the going with race, I trust the comprehensive group who are before long getting the advantages of progress will […]

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Warm Welcome Prime Minister Sheik Hasina in Saudi Arabia was concurred a warm amassing as she arrived Riyadh on Saturday night on a four-day official visit to Saudi Arabia to go to Within Easterner Islamic-American (AIA) Summit at the welcome of Saudi Ruler Salman compartment Abdulaziz Al Saud. A Biman Bangladesh Bearers flight passing on the […]


PM Leaves to KSA to Join Arab Islamic-American Summit here tomorrow (Saturday) evening for Riyadh on a four-day official visit to Saudi Arabia to go to the Inside Easterner Islamic-American (AIA) Summit. “The head is joining the summit at the welcome of Saudi Ruler and Gatekeeper of Two Magnificent Mosques Salman canister Abdulaziz Al Saud,” […]


Brigitte Macron-Teacher turned into President’s wife-precisely when his accessory school execution instructor, now life enhancement of progressing toward French president Emmanuel Macron, 64-year-old Brigitte Macron bent into the spotlight sometime before her life accomplice was picked. The 25-year age discrete and the astonishing way they met – he scanned for after her when he was […]


Emmanuel Macron has been appeared as France’s President, and will rapidly go up against overpowering weights to restore the economy and take in new life into the got European Union. Macron, a 39-year-old quick, expected control on Sunday from President Francois Hollande, the sidekick whose five years in power were tormented by gutsy unemployment and […]

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PM Sheik Hasina  for halting muslim sectarian war  thursday put supplement on fulfillment factional war among the Muslims, saying that it finally remarkable conditions the arms shippers. “We’re doing fighting among ourselves in different parts of the world and the arms dealers are finally benefitting by it … this (war) must be done and the […]


Khaleda President Tarique Rahman Prime Minister- Obaidul Kader Awami League General Secretary acknowledge that Khaleda Zia will push toward convincing the opportunity to be president and make her adolescence Tarique Rahman pioneer if the BNP comes to control. Quader gave the decision gathering’s take at an open meeting taking after the BNP’s Vision 2030, a […]

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Main Reasons Why Macron Won the French Election as such Emmanuel Macron has set off a political tremor in French authoritative issues. A year back, he was a man from the association of a champion among the most disdained French presidents ever. Eventually, at 39, he has won France’s presidential race, vanquishing first the standard […]