Here are two straightforward, example welcome letters for new representatives. These specimen letters fill only one need. You are respecting your new worker to your association. Welcome letters can extend from to a great degree straightforward like these specimens to complex.

Complex welcome letters frequently contain the new representative introduction plan and the names and occupation titles of workers that the new worker will meet in the initial couple of days.

They can contain an itemized plan for the new representative for the principal week at work on the new occupation.

[jobpost posts=”1″ category=”Career” type=”Example Letters” location=”Dhaka” search=”true”]The appreciated letter may acquaint the new representative with his or her new group by giving foundation data on the new utilizing and replicating the letter to every individual from the group. Associations have a tendency to embrace designs in inviting new representatives, so any of these appreciated letters are an alternative.

Utilize both of these letters as a feature of your procedure for inviting new representatives.

Test New Employee Welcome Letter


Dear (New Employee Name):

I’d get a kick out of the chance to welcome you to (Name of Company). We are energized that you have acknowledged our employment offer and settled upon your begin date. I assume that this letter discovers you commonly amped up for your new work with (Name of Company).

As said amid the meetings, while your new position reports to me, I’d get a kick out of the chance to welcome you to the (Name of Department) in the interest of the greater part of the staff.

Each of us will assume a part to guarantee your effective incorporation into the division.

We’re expecting you for new representative introduction on (Date), Tuesday at 9 a.m. You will meet with me to talk about your effective joining into our organization and with Human Resources staff to find out about work related issues.

You’ll likewise meet with a few collaborators so you can figure out the general work of the division. Our clothing regulation is easygoing.

Your new group envisions taking you out to lunch to become acquainted with you and to ensure you meet everybody with whom you will be working. You’re meeting motivation, for whatever remains of your first day, will include arranging your introduction with me and defining some underlying work objectives so you feel instantly profitable in your new part.

I expect that your second day will include more associate gatherings to comprehend the division. You’ll additionally have the chance to proceed with your new representative introduction arrange and your underlying work for the office.

Once more, welcome to the group. In the event that you have inquiries before your begin date, please call me whenever, or send me an email, if that is more helpful. We anticipate having you gone ahead board.


Name of Your Department Manager/Boss

Test Emailed New Employee Welcome Letter

Hello there Mary,

This is only a fast note to disclose to you that our entire office is amped up for your choice to acknowledge our offer of work. We couldn’t be more joyful to welcome you to the group. As we concurred, your first day on the new employment is Tuesday, May 8.

We’ll expect you at 9 a.m. FYI, the clothing regulation is business easygoing.

We offer adaptable calendars for our representatives and we can discuss your typical hours when you come in on Tuesday. You will likewise meet your new worker coach, Paul Smith. He’ll enable you to become more acquainted with the organization and your new office.

I needed to give you an outline of what you’ll be accomplishing for your initial couple of days. You will go to a HR introduction about advantages and to finish the new worker printed material. We have assembled a calendar for your first week.

Our objective was to arrange you to both your new occupation and the organization. With this in mind,we have, notwithstanding your coach, we have requested that Mary Briony work with you to give at work preparing. She is knowledgeable about all parts of the occupation you have to learn. You’ll additionally impart an office to her.

Furthermore, we have set up a meeting timetable that will place you in contact with the greater part of the offices you should learn. We’ve set up gatherings with the representatives you have to meet. We’ll have this calendar finished when you touch base on Tuesday.

In the event that you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me. My number is 0176-888-3256.

We truly anticipate working with you.


Wendy Edison

Division Manager