Regardless time of the 52nd Biswa Ijtema close on Sunday with the Akheri Munajat (finishing supplications), looking for after down remarkable flourishing and welfare of the Muslim social request.

The Munajat began at 11.00 am and proceeded till 11:30 am. Mawlana Mohammad Saad of Delhi drove the Akheri Munajat.

President Abdul Hamid and official Sheik Hasina in like course partook in the AKheri Munajat from Bangabhaban and Ganabhaban uninhibitedly.

Bangladesh Railway worked 19 surprising arrangements on various courses with the target that individuals can go to the Ijtema setting to partake in the Akheri Munajat.

Additionally, advance of vehicles, aside from ambulances and police vans, from Joydebpur crossing clarification for Gazipur on Dhaka-Mymensingh road to Airport, and from Mirerbazar of Gazipur Sadar on Dhaka-Sylhet road to Tongi and Abdullahpur of Abdullahpur-Ashulia road to keep up a key package from street will remain compelled from 3:00am on Sunday amidst the offering of Akheri Munajat.

The three-day gathering started on the bank of the Turag River after Fazr supplications on Friday.

Unending, both from home and abroad, have amassed at the scene and partook in the petitions and talks.

Some place in the level of 6,887 abroad mates have gone to the Ijtema scene from a couple of nations, including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Egypt, Oman, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iran, Japan, Canada, Cambodia, Mozambique, Russia, the USA, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Kenya and New Zealand.

The range relationship of Gazipur set up around 56 free recouping camps in and around the Ijtema scene near superior to normal lodging all emergency treatment and other treatment working conditions with masters doing round-the-time obligation at every inside.

The second time of the Ijtema is required to start on January 20 at a relative scene and end on January 22.

Tablig Jamaat has been managing the Ijtema at the setting since 1967. Considering all things, Ijtema is held in two stages since 2011 to draw in the settlement issue.

RAB individuals are watching the ground and the nearby spaces with helicopters to screen thriving tries.

Moulana Giasuddin, a senior individual from the Ijtema controlling driving social affair of trustees, said fans from 32 region, 16 in every stage, are joining the two states of Ijtema this year.

Meanwhile, eight fans kicked the can at the Ijtema ground from Thursday to early Sunday in light of propel complexities and torment.