PM Shek Hasina  her visit to Inani beach in southeastern Bangladesh was a trek down the universe of reversing memories.

Hasina was there to show the 80km marine drive between Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf on Saturday at a most distant point on the shoreline by the Bay Watch resort.

The ocean breeze mixed a sudden sensitivity in the PM, after the occasion moved into a nearby around12:30pm.

She strolled shoeless on the shoreline, with grins all around. She dove her toes into seawater.

Amidst the occasion, Hasina remembered about her immaturity visits to the shoreline with her dad Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

The memory of Bangabandhu is cconsistentlyadded to Inani.

In 1958, under military direct, the father of the country had consumed through a couple days in the indulgent ranges close Chenchori town.

Hasina said endeavors would be made to turn Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh’s fundamental resort town, into a lucrative voyager objective.

The pioneer exhibited Cox’s Bazar’s new air terminal landing zone on Saturday after she got together there on a Boeing kind measured fly.