President Md Abdul Hamid on Monday named past secretary KM Nurul Huda the running for Chief Election Commissioner.

Also secretary Rafiqul Islam, past extra secretary Mahbub Talukder, past District and Session  judge Begum Kabita Khanam and surrendered brigadier general Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury have been made race officers.

KM Nurul Huda, a reliable connection approach of 1973 pack, surrendered as secretary in 2006.

The president picked the five names from a quick graph of ten proposed by the yield driving get-together of trustees for reconstituting the race commission.

“The president has assigned KM Nurul Huda the central decision officer and picked past secretary Rafiqul Islam, past extra secretary Mahabub Talukder, past judge Begum Kabita Khanam and surrendered brigadier general Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury as race boss from the system of 10 names set up together by the intrigue chamber,” division secretary Shafiul Alam told a media headings at the Bangladesh Secretariat scarcely three hours inside the board submitted ten names to the president at Bangabhaban.

The ace secretary, who was persevering through the bit of illustrative of the essential gathering of trustees, said a large portion of the ten names were lifted from the outlines set up together by the political get-togethers.

He, regardless, couldn’t state which political social gathering had proposed the name of CEC-dole out KM Nurul Huda.

Shafiul Alam said Nurul Huda, an ordinary association structure of 1973’s Freedom Fighter get-together, was obliged to leave even before he changed into the secretary yet the Supreme Court gave him the status of secretary.

Sources in the ace division said Nurul Huda was obliged to leave from people when all is said in done relationship amidst the BNP-Jamaat-drove collusion government from 2001 to 2006.

In answer to a question whether the president has named from the names set up together by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the master secretary answered in the positive and said Mahbub Talukder and Tofail Ahmed were on the outline of BNP. Of them, Mahbub Talukder has been allocated race official by the president.

He besides said past judge Kabita Khanam and Planning Commission part Abdul Mannan were on the rundown showed by the decision Bangladesh Awami League. Of them, Kabita Khanam has been picked decision esteem by the president.

The expert secretary guaranteed that the demand consultative get-together worked decently and with no impedance from the lawmaking body.

The president-disseminated driving get-together of trustees proposed the names of past office secretary Ali Imam Majumder and past secretary KM Nurul Huda for entrusting the running with head race official (CEC), as appeared by the master division’s presentation.

Four captivating people who were named as moving toward race chief are neighborhood government ace Tofail Ahmed, Dhaka University educator Zarina Rahman Khan, Planning Commission part Md Abdul Mannan and master of Janipop Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah.

The president has named the race judges taking after the secured system as the residencies of the central decision supervisor and three of his teammates will end on 8 February while the residency of the rest race official sneaks past on 14 February.

“There might be an Election Commission for Bangladesh including the Chief Election Commissioner and not more than four Election Commissioners and the approach of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (bearing any) should, subject to the procedures of any law made for that great position, be made by the President,” read article 118(1) of the constitution.

Prior, the intrigue board headed by Appellate Division judge Syed Mahmud Hossain, submitted 10 names for reconstituting the race commission to president Hamid at Bangabhaban amidst the night.

The president joined the six-in number energy driving social event of trustees on 25 January, giving it 10 working days to prescribe 10 names of expected race judges.

The board, in its last meeting held at the Supreme Court Judges’ Lounge toward the night, completed the 10 names from various records it got from the political social occasions.

The work environment division gave secretarial relationship to the intrigue admonitory social gathering.

After its encouraging, the admonitory social gathering analyzed for names of 31 enrolled political get-togethers with whom the president held talks as a basic part of the strategy to reconstitute the decision commission.

The enthusiasm driving aggregation of trustees individuals held social gatherings with 16 “saw” subjects in two stages.

In any case, they didn’t float any names for reconstituting the decision commission. Most by a long shot of them prescribed that a law ought to be joined with regards to the constitution to make a wearisome approach for shaping the decision commission.

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