Warm Welcome Prime Minister Sheik Hasina in Saudi Arabia was concurred a warm amassing as she arrived Riyadh on Saturday night on a four-day official visit to Saudi Arabia to go to Within Easterner Islamic-American (AIA) Summit at the welcome of Saudi Ruler Salman compartment Abdulaziz Al Saud.

A Biman Bangladesh Bearers flight passing on the Head controller and her union related at Ruler Khalid General Plane terminal at 11.15 pm (neighboring time).

Saudi State Serve for Sura Issues Mohamed Faisal Holder Abu Saad and Bangladesh Represetative to Saudi Arabia Golam Moshi got the PM at the plane terminal.

From the air terminal, Sheik Hasina was escorted to Movenpick Motel Riyadh through a formal motorcade where she will stay till Monday morning.

In the midst of her visit, Hasina will in like way perform favored Umrah in Makkah and offer ziarat at the Rawza Mubarak of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in Medina.

Inside Easterner Islamic-American (AIA) Summit will begin at Ace Abdul Aziz Get done with Get-together Center in the Saudi capital today around night time.

Bangladesh Head administrator Sheik Hasina, US President Donald Trump and 56 Bedouin and Muslim pioneers will join the summit to discuss ways to deal with oversee coordinate fight obsession and unlawful financing under the summit saying ‘Together We Win’.

Sheik Hasina will correspondingly join the presentation of the General Place for Doing fighting Radical Thought.

The Pioneer will in like way join lunch to be enabled by the Saudi Ruler.

On May 22,2017 She will leave Riyadh for Medina by systems for air to offer ziarat at the Rawza Mubarak of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). She will leave Madinah for Jeddah toward the night that day.

Sheik Hasina is depended on upon to propel particular proposal at the summit.

The control purpose of joining of the summit is to set up new relationship to oppose the bothers of general mental abuse and militancy, develop the estimations of resistance and simultaneousness and prop tries for ensuring peace and quality.

The Head manager is depended on upon to highlight Bangladesh’s accessible achievement in doing fighting mental abuse and imperativeness at the summit.

Shek Hasina will return home in the early hours of May 24.